A M Assignment

We built composite 4-ply and sandwich samples, using uni-directional and bi-directional fiberglass.
Each group should create a wiki page to address the following:


  1. the step-by-step procedures you followed.
  2. Highlight important safety procedures followed while working with composites.
  3. Identify the differences in wetting out uni- and BID fiberglass. Present a hypothesis as to why these differences exist.
  4. List the physical characteristics of your finished samples. Include:
    • size - length, width, height
    • weight - weight before finishing, finished weight, weight of uni plies, weight of bi-plies, weight of foam piece
    • quality of construction - air bubbles?, delamination? voids?
    • any other physical characteristics of your sample
  5. Judge your fabrication technique by including data on the weight differences of samples. Provide suggestions for improvement of your technique.
  6. What impacts would using your original fabrication technique have on an actual airplane? What would a manufacturer do to mitigate these impacts?
  7. Were your second day results better than the first day of construction? Why?
  8. Propose a step-by-step procedure that eliminates (or tries to eliminate) the problems discussed above.
  9. Compare your samples to other group's samples.
  10. Formulate a plan for using both uni- and BID fiberglass on an airplane. Give specific uses for both.
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