John And Gus

Jello and Marbles High G Experiment

Materials- Jello snack pack, two marbles with differing weight but equal volume, centrifuge, camera.

Procedure-Place two marbles of differing weights, but same volume so that they are resting against the jello and the lid. Place that into the centrifuge so that the marbles are between the center of the centrifuge and the jello. Next, place the camera below the marbles so it can see the marbles side by side and the jello from underneath the snack pack. (see sketch)


Purpose-The purpose of our experiment is to see weather a heavy (gray) marble will travel further in the jello than a lighter (blue) marble.

Hypothosis-The heavier marble will penitrate deeper than the lighter marble.

Observations-When we stopped the centrifuge we noticed that the camera had shut off, and ultimately, when did not capture the video of this awesome experiment. We observed the marbles which had gone through the jello. The lighter marble (blue one) was resting on the heavier (gray) one (see sketch). What had happened was that the heavier marble did create a hole and made it to the back of the jello, but the lighter marble just followed the same hole as the heavier one.

Results- The experiment did follow our hypothosis to some extent. The heavier marble did penetrate the jello first, but instead of the lighter marble making its own path through the jello like we expected, it followed the path of the heavier marble. The force required to get the marbles to penetrate the jello was suprising. We expected that it would take very few RPM to get the heavy marble to go through, but it took almost the full power of the centrifuge to get it to go through the jello.

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