Luke And Alan

Materials: Water bottle filled with 100g of water, lots of tape.

Procedure: Set the bottle of water in the center of the box laying down, with the bottom of the bottle facing out, and set the camera in one of the outside corners of the box so it is looking at the bottom of the bottle.

Purpose: To see if the machine can produce enough the force to make the water appear as if the water was standing up.

Hypothesis: It is estimated to take 6Gs for force to force the watter against the bottom of the bottle to make it appear that the bottle were standing at 90 degrees.

2*2pie=Av+12.57 r/s
VL=150.84 f/s
F=100*12*12.57^2=189605.88 gft/s^2

Observations: The machine has plenty of force to make our experiment successful. There were no complication other than a jerky start.

Conclusion: The experiment went off with out a hitch. The water acted just as predicted and later on using the G force sensor, it was discovered that the machine put out a little under 60Gs at its full potential just as we predicted that we needed to make our project work.

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