Rocket Data Project


In this activity we fired Rockets of class A and B.

Now all we have left is to present our data and compare it to everyone else's.

Check Out our Gallerie and see some Videos/Pictures of these tests

here is the data:

Here's Hallacy's:


Download it here: Hallacy.xls

Here's C6-5:


Download it here: C6-5.xls

Here's Rob's:


Download it here: rob.xls

++ To add your graph, i made it simple through some code i made:
+++ First of All FOLLOW THESE STEPS:
# GO to the bottom of the page and click on FILES
# UPLOAD your data (remeber, if you are giving it another 
name make sure to include ".xls" at the end of the name!)
# Now you can edit 
# to make it appear copy this(you can only see it while editing the page) after your description:
<iframe src="local--files/rocket-data/NAME OF YOUR FILE.xls" width="100%" height="500"></iframe>
* its quite easy but if it gets too hard just attach the file
* under your embeded data insert a file shortcut 
using the (only seen in edit mode)[[file NameOfFile.xls]]
* THAT'S IT - if when you try to view it, 
it gives you a bunch of letters and junk,
delete the file and follow the directions again
* if it still doesn't work, just upload the file and i will fix it,
make sure to tell me though...
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