Unstable Rockets in Simulator
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In Activity 4.2.2 the class was instructed to design various rockets by changing common characteristics, doing so in order to find the design that causes the rocket to attain the most height.
However we were also asked to find out what kind of design would make a rocket unstable. Such a task was not entirely allowed by the simulator as it refused to launch any designs in which the Center of Pressure(CP) was above the Center of Gravity(CG).

Here's an example of a design that is Unstable:

  • As you can see having no, or nearly no mass at the nose raises the CP above the CG
  • This is evidence that the rocket is unstable and it's flight will be unstable aswell.


  • As you can see in the picture the simulator refuses to perform the launch sequence.
  • It is requiring the user to modify the design in order to lower the CP below the CG
  • Concluding that even though we know that such a design causes a rocket to be unstable, we cannot test it within this simulator.
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